LOBA 2020 – Shortlist Overview

The twelve finalists in the main category for the internationally-renowned Leica Oskar Barnack Award photo competition, that will be granted this year for the 40th time, are set. All shortlisted candidates will be presented in the coming weeks.

Matthew Abbott (Australia)
Black Summer
Nominator: Gaia Tripoli

Ragnar Axelsson (Iceland)
Arctic Heroes – Where the world is melting
Nominator: Matjaz Krivic

Giovanni Cocco (Italy)
Displacement – New Town No Town
Nominator: Manila Camarini

Vincent Fournier (France)
Space Project
Nominator: Magdalena Herrera / Claudio Composti

Emil Gataullin (Russia)
Mezen: By Sky’s Edge
Nominator: Matjaz Krivic

Maïmouna Guerresi (Italy)
Beyond the Border – A journey to Touba
Nominator: Azu Nwagbogu

Luca Locatelli (Italy)
Future Studies
Nominator: Alice Gabriner

Christina de Middel (Spain, based in Brazil)
Journey to the Center
Nominator: Claudio Carreras

Davide Monteleone (Italy, based in Russia)
Nominator: Enrico Stefanelli

Hashem Shakeri (Iran)
​Cast Out of Heaven
Nominator: Elisa Medde / Soren Patger

Namhun Sung (Korea)
Red Island
Nominator: Sujong Song

Anastasia Taylor-Lind (United Kingdom)
5km from the Frontline
Nominator: Alessia Glaviano