The Nominators

2020 the Leica Oskar Barnack Award will consider finalists and ultimately select winners based on nominations from 65 world-renowned photographic experts from over 30 countries:

Monica Allende (Spain), Curator

Alia Alyasi (UAE), from Louvre Abu Dhabi

Peggy Sue Amison (UAE), Artistic Director for East Wing Gallery, Dubai

Jose Luis Amores (Spain), Director of EFTI (Centro Internacional De Fotografía y Cine)

Regina Anzenberger (Austria), Director, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna

Michael Benson (United Kingdom), Director of Prix Pictet and founder of Photo London

Thomas Borberg (Denmark), Chief Photo Editor at Politiken

Bruno Boudjelal (France), Photographer

Manila Camarini (Italy), Director of Photography La Repubblica

Krzysztof Candrowicz (Poland), Art Director, Curator Read Interview

Claudio Carreras (Spain), Photo Editor

Marianne Catzaras (Tunisia), Photographer

GintarasČesonis (Lithuania), Curator at Kaunas Photography Gallery

Irina Chmyreva (Russia), Art Director, PhotoVisa International Photo Festival, Krasnodar

Claudio Composti (Italy), Gallerist and Curator

José Miguel Moreira de Sousa Nogueira (Portugal), Photo Editor at Câmara Municipal do Porto

Simindokht Dehghani (Iran), Director of Ag Galerie, Teheran

Benedetta Donato (Italy), Curator

Rune Eraker (Norway), Photographer, Curator and Editor of Norwegian Journal of Photography

Behzad Farazollahi (Norway), Founder and Director at MELK

Xuan Feng (China), Founder and Group Editorial Director of HuaSheng Media

Joan Fontcuberta (Spain), Curator

Alice Gabriner (USA), Photo Editor 

Alessia Glaviano (Italy), Brand Visual Director of Vogue Italia Read Interview

Walter Guadagnini (Italy), Professor at the University in Bologna and Director of Camera

Sunil Gupta (India), Artist, Writer, Activist and Curator

David Hagger (Australia), Curator

Nick Hannes (Belgium), Photography teacher

Raúl Henao (Colombia), Director Tecnología en Producción Fotográfica LCI Bogotá

Magdalena Herrera (France), Director of Photography at GEO France Read Interview

Caroline Hunter (United Kingdom), Picture Editor at The Guardian Read Interview

I-Jong Juan (China), Photographer, Writer, Publisher, Photographic Professor

Matjaz Krivic (Slovenia), Photographer

Anne Lacoste (France), Director, Institut de la Photographie, Lille

Eyal Landesman (Israel), Founder and Artistic Director of the Israeli Photography Festival

Oliver Laurent (USA), Director of Photography International Edition at Washington Post

Gwen Lee (Singapore), Co-founder of the Singapore International Photo Festival

Steven Lee (Malaysia), Director of the Kuala Lumpur Photography Awards Read Interview

Bettina Leidl (Austria), Director of Kunst Haus Wien and Foto Wien Fotofestival

Mark Lubell (USA), Executive Director International Center of Photography, New York Read Interview

Elisa Medde (Netherland), Photo editor at Foam magazine

Azu Nwagbogu (Nigeria), Director of African Artists' Foundation and Lagos Photo festival

Naoko Ohta (Japan), Founder of Tokyo Curiosity

Silvia Omedes (Spain), Curator and Photo Editor

Manuel Rivera Ortiz (Puerto Rico/USA), Photographer

Hercules Papaioannou (Greece), Director of Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Søren Pagter (Denmark), Head of Photography Department, Danish School of Journalism

Andrei Polikanov (Russia), Director of Photography at Russian Reporter

Brett Rogers (United Kingdom), Curator, Director of the Photographers' Gallery, London

Moshe Rosenzveig (Australia), Founder and Director Head on Photo Festival

Gen Sadakane (Germany), Founder and Creative Director at EyeEm

Alan Schaller (United Kingdom), Photographer and Co-founder of SPI

Kazuko Sekji (Japan), Chief Curator of Tokyo Photographic museum

Laura Serani (France), Curator and Author

Johan Sjostrom (Sweden), Curator of Exhibitions, Gothenburg Museum of Art

Sujong Song (South Korea), Photography consultant

Enrico Stefanelli (Italy), Director of Photolux Festival

Anthony Suau (USA), Photographer

Olga Sviblova (Russia), Director of Multi Media Art Museum, Moscow

Gaia Tripoli (Italy), London-based Photo Editor for The New York Times

Nanda van den Berg (Netherland), Director of Huis Marseille

Benjamin Villegas (Colombia), Owner of Villegas Editores

István Virágvölgyi (Hungary), Curator at Robert Capa Center

Vineet Vohra (India), Street Photographer

Duan Yuting (China), Founder and Director Lianzhou Foto Festival, Lianzhou Museum of Photography