Fascinating Insights: The Leica Oskar Barnack Award exhibition in Wetzlar

Fascinating Insights: The Leica Oskar Barnack Award exhibition in Wetzlar

The Ernst Leitz Museum is presenting the winners and all finalists of LOBA 2022, up until February 22, 2023.

The 42nd edition of the LOBA is, once again, a testimony to the diversity of forms found in contemporary photography; and to the sense of responsibility that photographers feel towards bringing political, social and ecological subjects to the awareness of the general public. Climate change, environmental destruction, migration, standing up for women’s rights and against human rights abuses: the series for this year’s LOBA, which we have presented in detail on the LOBA website in the last months, reveal the vulnerability of our global world, in all its frightening and touching manifestations. Committed photojournalists, who also travel to remote areas of the world to look closely at what is happening, and to document and make it public, are worthy of recognition.

The best opportunity to discover the power and diversity of the twelve LOBA series is offered not only by the LOBA exhibition catalogue, but also by the impressive exhibition at the Ernst Leitz Museum that runs until February 22, 2023. Presented on differently coloured exhibition walls, in different sizes and image presentations, an intensive tour develops with many associative correlations between the individual bodies of work. The exhibition invites the viewer to engage deeply with the themes and the respective visual languages of the series.

The exhibition at the Ernst Leitz Museum is kindly supported by WhiteWall.