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Enri Canaj, Say Goodbye Before You Leave

Earth, nature, trees, the sea: things that people are able to rely upon, when they have lost everything else. Enri Canaj was born in Albania in 1980. The Greece-based photographer has captured black and white motifs that document the tough living conditions for people in Niger, Greece and Italy, who have to depend exclusively on themselves, when fleeing to Europe.

© Enri Canaj/Magnum Photos

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A small boat with refugees and migrants safely reaches the Greek coast. Lesbos, Greece. October 30, 2015
Little boy from Syria, learning to swim on his own. Samos, Greece 2020
After bathing in the Aegean Sea, Manija removes the sea salt by using sweet water she carried from the camp. Lesbos, Greece 2020
The Moria refugee camp on fire. Greece 2019
Afternoon teatime. After the big fire in Moria, all the evacuated people spent a week on one of the island’s hills. Lesbos, Greece 2020.
Children put out the fire, after their mother cooked rice soup. Lesbos, Greece 2020
A stone for a pillow. Lesbos, Greece 2020
A wood collector. Agadez, Niger 2019
In a gold mine. Digging with the hope of finding gold, and being able to afford the expenses of the journey to Europe. Agadez, Niger 2019
A family walking around Moria, after the fire burned everything. Moria Camp, Greece 2020
Toys over an improvised infant’s crib. Lesbos, Greece 2020
The bathtub is used to bathe babies and to wash clothes. Moria, after the big fire. Lesbos, Greece 2020
A woman from Afghanistan, sewing her friend’s dress. Second day, after the big fire in Moria. Lesbos, Greece 2020
Life jackets left behind by thousands of migrants who reached Europe, over the Aegean Sea. Lesbos, Greece 2016
A provisory home for a Nigerian family, in an abandoned area that used to be a US Military Base, years ago. South Italy, 2018
Congolese migrants praying at an improvised church. “This spot makes us feel closer to God and hope,” one of the men said. Lesbos, Greece 2020
Summertime. Young boys swimming in the cool water of an artificial hydropower lake. Lesbos, Greece
Suman, 15 years old, from Gambia; walking with his dog Jonick, on the way back to the CARA refugee camp at Borgo Mezzanone. Italy 2018
Thousands of asylum seekers remained homeless and spent the nights in the open, for four days, after Europe’s largest migrant camp was destroyed by fire. Lesbos, Greece, 2020