Shortlist-Serien im Shanghai Center of Photography

The LOBA now in Shanghai

The LOBA winners 2020 and six shortlist series are shown at the Shanghai Center of Photography (SCoP).

The reach of this year’s Leica Oskar Barnack Award now extends to China: eight LOBA finalists are currently represented by Leica China under the title “People and Places” at the Shanghai Center of Photography (SCoP) until January 31, 2021. Around two months ago, the winners of 2020 were honoured in Wetzlar. Italian photographer Luca Locatelli convinced the jury in the main category, while the Newcomer Award went to Gonçalo Fonseca. For the first time in the award’s history, the shortlist was compiled from a pool of nominations made by 65 photography experts from around the world. The winning series are now displayed at the SCoP, along with the shortlisted entries of Ragnar Axelsson, Matthew Abbott, Vincent Fournier, Maïmouna Guerresi, Cristina de Middel and Davide Monteleone.

The Shanghai Center of Photography was founded in 2015 by renowned Chinese photographer, Liu Heung Shing. It is China’s first museum exclusively dedicated to photography, and is considered a leading cultural venue in the metropolis of Shanghai. Over the past few years the museum hosted numerous international exhibitions, as well as showcasing high-end Chinese photography. The SCoP is committed to presenting exceptional images across all genres – from documentary and socio-historical approaches to photojournalism, fashion and fine-art photography. This is perfectly emphasised by the LOBA exhibition, whose broad spectrum of projects illustrates the exceedingly diverse and accomplished nature of contemporary photography.

The accompanying catalogue of the exhibition is now available also in a Chinese edition.

Open until Jan 31, 2021; Shanghai Center of Photography, 2555–1, Long Teng Avenue, XuHui District, Shanghai, China