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Laetitia Vançon, Tributes to Odesa

This series was taken in Odesa and the region surrounding the Ukrainian city, in June, 2022: it is a symbolic and strategically important place for both sides of the conflict. The Russian aggression had been going on for months; the city had been hit, but resisted the attacks. The Munich-based, French photographer (born 1979) focussed her reportage on quiet and simple moments of everyday life, revealing how people cling to their daily routines, in the hope of regaining a sense of normality. 

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Young secondary school graduates dance an art performance in front of sandbags used to protect the Opera and Ballet Theater, Odesa 2022
Soldiers during their day off at the Odesa amusement park, Odesa 2022
While access to the beaches is forbidden, a couple chose to swim in an infinity pool, Odesa 2022
The flea market in old Moldavanka, which was once the Jewish quarter of Odesa, is one of the most colorful places in town, Odesa 2022
Mykolaiv was hit by a missile on March 29. Anna Zamazeeva is the chairman of the regional council of the town, Mykolaiv 2022
Witnesses to the war: children play at the Memorial of Heroic Defence of Odesa Museum, Odesa 2022
Anna Svetlaya, 67, was the victim of a missile hit in a residential district in the southern Ukrainian port city of Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv 2022
A group of young people calling themselves “bulletproof gang” prepare plates for flak jackets in a former clothes store, Odesa 2022
Checkpoint with a bunch of tyres in a suburb of Odesa. The billboard calls people to provide housing for refugees, Odesa 2022
Oksana Magey fled from Mykolaiv to Odesa early on in the war, with her husband Evgeniy and their two small children, Odesa 2022
Early in the morning, civilians queue in front of the humanitarian aid headquarters, for food and water, Mykolaiv 2022
A mural inside a shop, hit by Russian missiles in the early morning attack on Friday, July 1, 2022, Serhiivka, Odesa Region 2022
Vlad Sorokin, 21, from Odesa, was delivering drinking water to his friend in Mykolaiv when an explosion happened, Mykolaiv 2022
Morning mass at an Orthodox monastery in Odesa. Leaders of the Ukrainian Orthodox church sever ties with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, Odesa 2022
Lifeguard watchtower at Arcadia Beach, which was a famous summer spot for tourists and now lies with the empty sea as a backdrop, Odesa 2022