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Jordi Ruiz Cirera, On This Side There Are Dreams, Too

The starting point for this series: daily life for people along Mexico’s northern border – a region stretching 3,000 kilometres from Tijuana, on the Pacific, to the Gulf of Mexico. This border region is covered most frequently by the media when they are reporting on violence and migration conflicts. In contrast, the Spanish photographer (born 1984) focuses his quiet series on hopes and dreams, everyday stories and the unique landscape.

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María Guadalupe, 21, a street artist. She paints a mural on the canal dividing the Mexican city from El Paso, Texas, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico 2017
An abandoned house in Guadalupe. In 2008 a violent conflict erupted around the drug trafficking routes to the USA, Guadalupe 2017
A man from El Salvador is waiting for another opportunity to migrate to the United States. Sonoyta, Mexico 2017
Jaime, 18, and Judith, 16, embrace at a football match before his game. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico 2022
A man selling meat in Rivera del Bravo, a deprived neighbourhood in the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico 2017
Rivera del Bravo was considered the most dangerous neighbourhood in Ciudad Juárez and was long neglected by the authorities, Mexico 2022
Tomas, 10. His family had to flee the Mexican state of Michoacán when violent conflict broke out there, Tijuana, Mexico 2021
Andrea at her fifteenth birthday celebration, the quinceañera, a widespread celebration in Latin America, Tijuana, Mexico 2017
People dance at a car enthusiasts meet where pick-up trucks, SUVs and 4×4 vehicles compete against each other, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico 2022
An empty bench at a popular fast-food restaurant in an industrial area of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico 2022
A house destroyed by heavy gunfire in Reynosa. Residents have long been accustomed to cartel violence, Reynosa, Mexico 2022
Antonio Garay, 21, a migrant from Honduras. He wants to get to the United States, Sonoyta, Mexico 2017
José Luis, 18, photographed in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico 2022
This store sells migrants who want to cross the desert to the U.S. the items they need to do so, Sonoyta, Mexico 2017
La Rumorosa mountain range, Mexico 2017