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Seamus Murphy, Kingdom

The Irish photographer (born 1959) has been living in Great Britain for over 35 years. He appreciates British politeness, coupled with anarchic eccentricity. When Brexit happened, he began to rethink his relationship to the country, and to see details, daily gestures and public rituals in a new light. Consequently, since 2016, this has given rise to a series full of bitter irony, empathy and criticism of social and societal conditions. The photographer suggests that the sound of a quirky military band could make a fitting musical accompaniment for his shots.

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Entrance portal of the Empire Cinema in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, September 15, 2016
During the live broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral in London’s Hyde Park, September 19, 2022
People on their way to the Notting Hill Carnival, Lancaster Gate Underground Station, London, August 29, 2022
On the beach of the Victorian seaside town of Great Yarmouth, which has been a resort since 1760, Norfolk, September 15, 2016
In the city of Boston, UK, where 75 per cent voted to leave the EU, Lincolnshire, August 24, 2016
Finance workers taking a cigarette break. Brexit cost the City of London an estimated 7000 jobs, City of London, January 29, 2019
A stencil graffiti of Queen Elizabeth II with her corgis, of which she owned a total of 30, Whitstable, Kent, September 9, 2022
A man in traffic in Southall, west London, home to the largest Sikh community, Southall, January 9, 2019
Members of two sailing clubs play cricket on a sandbank, Bramble Bank, Southampton September 18, 2016
Blues and Royals, Horse Guards Parade, London, January 21, 2019
A solidarity event for Afghan refugees, Hampstead Heath, London, August 20, 2022
In the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea (VNEB) “Opportunity Area,” a new neighbourhood, Vauxhall, London, January 2, 2019
Hunter with his hounds at a traditional hunt in the Vale of the White Horse, Temple Farm, Wiltshire, February 14, 2019
Homeless migrants sleeping outside a luxury car dealership in Mayfair, Park Lane, London, July 17, 2020
Participant in a far-right demonstration against Muslim grooming gangs, Telford, Shropshire, February 25, 2017
A man takes photographs through barriers for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, London, September 14, 2022