Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcomer 2011: Jing Huang „Pure of Sight“

Winner Award Newcomer 2011: Jing Huang

With his portfolio ‘Pure of Sight’, Chinese photographer Jing Huang was the winner of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcomer 2011.

‘Pure of Sight’, the portfolio entered by Jing Huang, is not dedicated to any subject in particular. Each of his twelve black-and-white images has its own unique story to tell. In his portfolio, the photographer appears to have selected a series of images entirely at random. They show landscapes, wildlife and detailed close-up images. Nevertheless, each photo has a charisma of its own. Everyday scenes and objects are suffused with a magic that captures the viewer’s soul. The young photographer has discovered a way to lend enormous depth to familiar and seemingly trivial things. Jing Huang explains that he could never be a good writer because he finds it difficult to find the right words. And that is why the camera is his eye, and photography is the medium to express his innermost thoughts. His images communicate what he has to say without the need for words. Viewers see the world as it is seen through the eyes of the photographer.

Jing Huang

Jing Huang, born in 1987, is a real newcomer. His passion for photography evolved from a wish to tell stories through pictures. To accomplish this, he enrolled at the Arts Academy of Guangzhou in southern China in 2003 to study photography and digital art. He is a passionate Leica photographer and the owner of a Leica M4-P that he still uses for his work today.