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Ragnar Axelsson, Arctic Heroes – Where the world is melting

The Icelandic photographer (born 1958) considers that the Greenlandic sled dogs are among the greatest heroes ever known in the northern reaches. Shot in black and white, his “Arctic Heroes – Where the world is melting” series is a homage to both the dogs and to the Arctic way of life. Both are threatened with extinction, due to the devastating effects of global warming.

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Rising sun, Roscoe Mountains on the east coast of Greenland, February 10, 2017
A storm rages over the sea ice on Inglefield Fjord in Thule, Greenland, March 17, 2019
A snowstorm had pummelled the village of Ittoqqortoormiit for several days. Greenland, February 28, 2019
A howling sled dog at daybreak. Tiniteqilaaq, Greenland, February 6, 2015
People making their way home before a piteraq storm (glacier storm) hits the village of Tasiilaq, Greenland, February 11, 2018
A hunter’s wife in Thule is readying one of the dogs for an expedition. Qaanaaq, Thule. Greenland, April 4, 1987
A hunter on one of the coldest days of the year. Thule, Greenland, March 15, 2019
Sled dog on the sea ice in Kangertittivag, Greenland, March 23, 2019
Massive sculptures in the form of icebergs tower over the ice, creating a dreamscape. Chasing a polar bear, Lille fjord, Greenland, March 17, 2013
Mads Ole, hunter from Qaanaaq, on his way home from a walrus hunt, crossing Inglefield Fjord in Thule, Greenland, March 15, 2019
The raging Greenlandic sled dog knew that the polar bear was near. Kap Tobin, Greenland, January 10, 2017
Bear hunting. Large footprints in the snow. On the sea ice, Greenland, April 8, 2007
Hjelmer Hammeken, a hunter from Ittoqqortoormiit, on his dog sled in Kangertittivag Fjord, Greenland, March 19, 2013
A polar bear, King of the Arctic, on the sea ice. Greenland, March 9, 2007
A hunter with his catch of the day: a seal. Only 134 people live in the village. Tiniteqilaaq. Greenland, February 6, 2015
An Inuit hunter walks home in Tiniteqilaaq, after a hunting trip in Sermilik Fjord. Greenland, February 7, 2015
Puppies fighting a storm. The hunters’ numbers are dwindling and so are their dogs’. It is expensive to keep a dog team, which is typically 14 to 16 animals. Kangertittivag, Greenland, February 28, 2019
Hjelmer Hammeken, hunter from Ittoqqortoormiit, rowing in his small boat to pick up a seal he caught. Kangertittivag, Greenland, March 12, 2018