LOBA 2022 – Shortlist overview

The 12 shortlisted candidates for the internationally-renowned Leica Oskar Barnack Award (LOBA) photo competition, that will be granted this year for the 42nd time, have been determined. In the coming weeks, all series will be presented in more detail.

Lynsey Addario (USA)
Women on the Frontline of Climate Change

Irene Barlian (Indonesia) 
Land of the Sea

Alessandro Cinque (Italia)
Peru, a Toxic State

DOCKS Collective (Germany) 
The Flood in Western Germany

Valentin Goppel (Germany) 
Between the Years

Kiana Hayeri (Canada)
Promises Written on the Ice, Left in the Sun

Nanna Heitmann (Germany)
Protectors of Congo's Peatland

M'hammed Kilito (Morocco)
Before It's Gone

Léonard Pongo (Belgium)
Primordial Earth

Victoria Razo (Mexico)
Haitian Migration Crisis

Felipe Romero Beltrán (Colombia)

Rafael Vilela (Brazil)
Forest Ruins: Indigenous Way of Life and Environmental Crisis in the Americas’ Largest City